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Cloud of Witnesses

Hebrews 12:1 says we are "surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses" referring to those who lived by faith in Christ, left a legacy and are now in heaven.


They are witnesses to the love, hope and salvation of Jesus Christ. They are witnesses to our commitment to bring the hope of Christ to all people. 

We are not alone; they know, and they are cheering us on.

As you hear these words, which Saint are you thinking about? Who in heaven would want you to partner with God to bring the Hope of Jesus to the Lost today? A relative? A friend? A person who influenced your walk with Jesus? Whose testimony will you honor through your Cloud of Witnesses giving?

honor a spiritual hero


Wall of honor

Below are the Saints that have been honored through Cloud of Witness giving.


We GO on mission in remembrance of Him, we GIVE in remembrance of them. 

Step 1

Make your $100 tax-deductible honorarium  using the “Cloud of Witnesses” designated fund. 


Step 2

Send us a photo of the person you want to honor with his/her full name to

Every photo will be added to our “Great Cloud of Witnesses” Wall on our website.


Step 3

Prayerfully ask the Lord who He might lay on your heart to share this opportunity with now or in the future. 

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