Our Global Partners

Through your generous giving and dedicated missionaries around the world, Global Missions 365 is reaching those for Christ in dynamic and powerful ways. Read below about the brothers and sisters for Christ that we are honored to call co-laborers on the international mission field.

Daniel & Amanda Schoenthaler

Echo Ranch Bible Camp, Alaska

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in southeast Alaska through Christian camping in partnership with the local church.

Daniel & Claudia Nogueira

Word of Life, Argentina

Using sports to share Christ, disciple athletes in His Word, and train-up and multiple leaders.

Eli and Silvanna Peres

Amazon Vision Ministries, Brazil

Bringing the Hope of Christ to the west Amazon River basin.

Fernando Faccioli

Leadership Outreach, Brazil

Teaching pastors along the west Amazon River basin

Cesar & Mary Parra

Church Planters, Canada

Declaring the Gospel among all people groups across Canada, so that churches may be planted in every multi-ethnic community – Psalms 96:3

Gary Haller

Haller Orphanage, DRC

Providing safety, health, and healing to orphaned and displaced children at the Haller Orphanage in the interior of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ron Locke

Friends of Children, Florida

Christ-centered support for foster, adoptive, and in-need families.


Jeff and Barbara Singerman

Sub Saharan Africa

Training leaders and sharing Christ through orality training in Sub-Saharan Africa for over 25 years.

Phenes & Kara Magny

Triumphant Community Ministries, Haiti

Seeing Haiti triumph. Strengthening families. Empowering leaders. Encouraging communities.

Linus & Liz Kirimi

Christ-Like Kenya

Planting churches, training pastors, providing an education and meal to over 400 children living in desperate need.

Abraham Mudidi

Kinshasa, DRC

In the Democratic Republic of Congo. Preaching, teaching, translating in the capital city Kinshasa and into the remote areas of DRC.

Künzi Family

Word of Life - Argentina

Leading high school and college students in a bilingual program at Word of Life Argentina - training them in His Word and then sharing Christ on the mission field.

Sweat Family

Unity Foster Ministries, Florida

Supporting foster families through education, encouragement, mentoring and networking services.


Pastor Samica


Encouraging believers, and discipleship training in Muslim dense areas of Romania.

Mike and Mary Taylor

Nashville, TN

Serving with a church plant in Nashville, TN

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