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Your Presence Matters!

Your presence matters not only for your own benefit and enjoyment, but also because you have the amazing opportunity be a conduit for bringing that “defining difference” to many people in many different places. That’s how you begin and/or continue to be a “world changer” - one person at a time - EVERYWHERE. EVERYDAY. EVERYONE.


One meaningful example this week is from the child rescue station in the bush of the Congo - the Haller Orphanage. Jedel is a survivor, just one child whose world has been changed by the “Hope of Christ” brought to him by folks like you. He no longer drags himself through the dirt, a daily reality since he was a toddler. The person who helped deliver him pulled too hard, or in the wrong ways and permanently disabled him. Because of world changers like you, he now has a temporary wheelchair until a pediatric wheelchair from the States arrives to him. Thank you, Kathryn Hein and Rebecca Mathis, for coordinating so much for Jedel’s future.

This is why your presence matters. Know that you have made a real difference and will continue to do so as we journey together on mission.

Thank you so much for your support, IT MATTERS.

Here is a photo of Jedel, taken by missionary partner Gary Haller, in the Congo:

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